Reap The Benefits Of Getting Consistent Facials

Facials have the power to seriously transform your skin. During a facial, your Esthetician uses a combination of steams, scrubs, cleansers, and conducts extractions which can make your skin less prone to acne, as well as reverse the aging process of your skin.

Who doesn’t want that right?

You may have heard and read so many different things about the good and the bad of facials, but we will set the record straight for you.

Yes, facials can be expensive, but you HAVE to invest in your skin to see the results. That said, unless your Esthetician tells you otherwise, it is not necessary to get a facial on a weekly basis, but you SHOULD get one on a monthly basis to improve the texture and appearance of your skin.

We are sure, you have been told to only get a facial during the summer months because your skin tends to breakout because it is more oily. A good facial can help your skin deal with cooler weather as well so it is not an excuse to skip on getting regular facials. Surely you will want to ensure that you unclog your pores on a consistent basis.

You may be expecting that your skin will look flawless immediately following a facial. We are not going to lie to you! You will walk out of a facial with reddened skin, but we promise it will fade quickly and you will notice an improved appearance, and glowing skin, which will further convince you that facials are totally worth it.

Remember your skin is always on display and it often has the power to dictate how good we feel about ourselves. Investing in a facial has a value that can be more important than buying a new dress.

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