What Do Your Breakouts Say About Your Health?

Do you notice that you are breaking out in certain areas of your face more often than others? Or do you ever wonder whether those breakouts that somehow always pop on the exact same spot on your face are due to factors other than forgetting to wash your face last night?

Breakouts may have a deeper meaning. The most common breakouts are located on the nose, between the brows, cheeks, chin, around the mouth, and above the brows.

Here is how you can keep them from happening.


Your nose is linked to your heart and lungs. It is also a sign that you may have a poor diet, or poor blood circulation. Blackheads in this area are quite normal due to an abundance of oil glands. You should reduce your salt intake, and increase your fruit and vegetable intake, especially those foods that are high in fiber.


Breakouts between your arches usually means that you may be having too many cocktails with the girls, or eating fatty foods. This area becomes irritated because of poor circulation, or gall bladder problems. A significant amount of water everyday is key. Try cutting down on foods like butter and cheese while being mindful of those late night snacks.


A hormonal imbalance, stress, or high sugar consumption can be the reason for breakouts on your cheeks. However, GERMS is also a huge contributing factor to breakouts in this area. Be mindful of how close you are holding your cell phone to your face. The screen accumulates oil and makeup from pressing onto our faces. Take note that laying on dirty pillowcases and using dirty makeup brushes can also instigate a breakout in this region. Be sure to clean and swap your linens on a normal basis, wipe your phone screens throughly and don’t forget to wash your makeup brushes as often as you can.


Pimples that occur in that dreaded lower chin area are typically related to hormonal problems, gynecological issues, or a kidney imbalance. There is a reason why you ten to see more blemishes pop up when you are about to start your period. This is what we call hormonal acne. The chin is also linked to the small intestine, so sometimes diet changes can make a huge difference. If you stay away from dairy and oily meals this will help this area clear up.


Acne here can be caused by constipation, an excess of spicy or fried foods. You may notice a rash or lumpy spots, these can be triggered by hormonal changes, beauty products, or bacteria. If you increase your fiber intake, as well as easing up on the spices, you will be able to see a difference. Also remember to clean your makeup brushes.


Forehead breakouts are linked to digestive issues. It can be an indication of food intolerance or an overburdened liver. Toxins and lack of water are also familiar culprits to blemishes in this area. Be sure to consume the daily suggested amount of water so that the toxins are flushed out of your system, and get at least seven hours of sleep.


As always, you should keep up with a regular skincare routine, but keep in mind that some of the breakouts can be treated from the inside out. Check your diet and get rid of any over processed foods that aren’t doing your skin any favors.

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