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What Do Your Breakouts Say About Your Health?

Do you notice that you are breaking out in certain areas of your face more often than others? Or do you ever wonder whether those breakouts that somehow always pop on the exact same spot on your face are due to factors other than forgetting to wash your face last night? Breakouts may have a […]

To Take Care Of Your Skin, You MUST Mist

Hot and humid weather can wreak havoc on your skin. The extra heat and moisture in the air can lead to an over production of oil and greasy. Remember when you were a kid and you wanted to run through the first sprinkler you could find? Well the grown up version is a facial mist, […]


Summertime is for easy living. Beach and boating days, pool parties, lounging with family and friends is what we tend to do in the summer. This summer, we want you to be your best beautiful self all summer long with our beauty tips. LET YOUR SKIN BREATHE: Incorporate a deep cleansing mud mask your skincare […]

The Clear Skin Diet

You may have heard time and time again that certain foods can affect the appearance of your skin. Once the food that you have put into your mouth has metabolized and delivered to your skin, you will notice some differences. Nutrition is one of the least-understood areas of health, especially in the context of skin […]

The 411 On Getting The Perfect Glow

The summer is quickly approaching and you probably know that “looking tanned” is the hottest accessory you can own. Just about everyone looks a lot better when then have a little color. Baking in the sun all day is REALLY bad for our skin and now tons of people are turning to spray tanning to […]

To Soak Or Not To Soak

Life can be very hectic at times. Throughout the day we are allowing negativity to infiltrate our mind and we are breathing in toxins. Sometimes, we can become so busy and wrapped up in the rat race, that we are unable to tear ourselves away for twenty minutes for “me” time to distress and unwind. […]

Our Guide To Whiter Pearly Whites

All of the celebrities are using at home light based whitening kits for their teeth, and they are endorsing them on many social media outlets. We know that your smile is sometimes the first thing that other people notice, and we want to ensure that your pearly whites are just that, WHITE. Sometimes, keeping your […]

Reap The Benefits Of Getting Consistent Facials

Facials have the power to seriously transform your skin. During a facial, your Esthetician uses a combination of steams, scrubs, cleansers, and conducts extractions which can make your skin less prone to acne, as well as reverse the aging process of your skin. Who doesn’t want that right? You may have heard and read so […]

Do I Really Need To Exfoliate?

You might have heard that our skin goes through a natural exfoliation process over a period of 28 days. The live cells at the bottom layer of the epidermis become harder as they work their way up to the surface, and eventually die off, revealing the newer cells underneath. However, there is absolutely nothing wrong […]

Keep It Purrty

Our lady parts have recently been thrust into the spotlight from vajazzling and bleaching. However, there is a new beauty trend that is now getting attention. The vagina facial. A vagical or a vagina facial is a simple way to replenish and restore the vaginas youth. The procedure is similar to a typical facial. The […]